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The animations were good to ok, but I just didnt laugh at anything

as always a fantastic job, im seeing the subtle improvements, im really hoping this ends up in the fan appreciation thing they do with ZTV

ahh i missed this, theyre always so well done and funny, cant wait for the next episode

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at first i thought this was going to be another one of those half assed flashes again, but as i played it i see you actually put time and effort into this, and its a pretty solid game for your first game, cant wait to see what else you have in store.

SlingBang responds:

Thank-you. I am trying to learn Flixel so next I'll be making a short side-scroller. I'll focus on getting the next Blue Bonnet chapter out after that. Hopefully, before another 3 months go by. :)

excilent work, keep it up

this game is awesome but so damn difficult, im stuck at the angel chick early on cuz of that stupid lazer move, i cant dodge it and i cant block it

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i can always count on you makin awesome tracks

man if the album has more of this im definitely looking forward to it, love 8-bit, plus youve got a good touch with music

sounds epic, shame its so short, but if its an intro remix not much you can do right? still sounds awesome regardless

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now this, this is disturbing, in a beautiful kind of disturbing

love the mirror aspect, nice touch

no idea what THAT guys talking about, but anyways this looks great, very smooth, nicely done

This is Taz-X, i play video games and i write comics, so if anyone has a request for a drawing either messege me on here or my Deviantart account

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